Meet the Midwives, Sr. Anke & Sr. Nisanne!

We are 2 passionate specialized midwives Sr. Nisanne and Sr. Anke. We met at the University of Pretoria 10 Years ago where we didn’t yet know our fate, until 3 years later where we discovered our love and passion for mommies and babies. We started this journey in a Public Hospital in the maternity ward and moved together to work in the NICU and maternity ward in a Private Hospital.

We did our advanced midwifery and neonatology course and knew we had to pursue a new adventure of building our own practice, where we can live our passion for pregnant mothers, birth, babies, breastfeeding and families.Education and empowerment are very important to us so you can make the best-informed decisions for your birth, your baby and breastfeeding journey.

Our passion is safe midwife-led deliveries with a successful breastfeeding journey. To walk a road with you and your family and we become part of your family as you become part of ours.



Our passion is safe midwife-led deliveries with a successful breastfeeding journey. To walk a road with you and your family and we become part of your family as you become part of ours.


Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions in your pregnancy and birth journey.


Our services are aimed at aiding you in the first 1000 days of your baby’s life.


Our passion is safe midwife-led deliveries with a successful breastfeeding journey. To walk a road with you and your family and we become part of your family as you become part of ours.



    This chart aims to illustrate what changes you can expect at every phase of your pregnancy journey and also how we will assist you through each step.

    • 4

      Week 4

      Early signs of pregnancy include: Missed menstrual period
      Sore or tender breasts
      Frequent urination

      Test for a pregnancy with a home pregnancy test or a BHCG bloodtest at the nearest laboratory. Visit your Gynaecologist or Midwife at about 8 weeks of pregnancy.

    • 9

      Week 9

      Include supplements in your diet
      Tender breasts and Nausea is still some of the main symptoms. You might need to empty your bladder frequently. Ensure your diet contains enough iron, folic acid and calcium.

    • 13

      Week 13

      Noticable changes to your
      body and face

      Your uterus may start to feel palpable above the pubic bone. Breasts are enlarging and the areola becomes darker. A line on your abdomen starts to form, the linea nigra, which disappears after pregnancy. Pigmentation may become apparent on your face, melasma - the mask of pregnancy.

    1st Trimester

    0.4kg - 2.0kg
    • 18

      Week 18

      First Fetal Movements
      The uterus is now just below the umbilicus. You may start to feel quickening or the first fetal movements.

    • 22

      Week 22

      Your baby is growing
      Your uterus has grown to just above your belly button. You are gaining between 240g and 480g of weight per week. Your body and emotional changes for the first trimester are over you are feeling good about yourself and starting to enjoy your pregnancy. Baby now has sleeping and waking cycles. Bones are starting to harden. By 24 weeks baby is 36cm long and weighs approximately 680g. Baby has eyelashes and eyebrows now and can suck his thumb all by himself.

    • 27

      Week 27

      Hormones increase body aches
      Backache becomes more apparent as the ligaments are softening due to pregnancy hormones. Exercise can help to strengthen your muscles for support.Braxton Hicks contractions start to prepare your uterus for labour by tightening and releasing at irregular intervals. These contractions are not painful and should become more regular as the pregnancy progresses. Heartburn becomes more regular, eat smaller meals more regularly, avoid fluids with your meals.

    2nd Trimester

    2.0kg - 8.0kg
    • 31

      Week 31

      Beginning of the 3rd trimester
      Your belly is growing and you might become out of breath even with mild activity. Become aware of how your baby moves, this is the only way of knowing if the baby is healthy. Should baby’s movements start to decrease drastically notify your doctor or midwife immediately. Sleep on your sides or on 2-3 pillows to prevent pressure on major blood vessels that transport blood and oxygen to the baby.

    • 36

      Week 36

      Pick your birthing partner & start packing your bags
      Your uterus is pushing right under your lungs which can make you feel out of breath and tired. Baby’s movements become less but bigger, muscles are big and strong as can be felt by vigorous kicking. Start preparing or packing your bags in preparation for the birth Who is your birth partner?

    • 40

      Week 40

      Your baby is full term
      These last few weeks feel the longest. Do some interesting activities to keep your mind busy. If this is your first baby go out and enjoy dinner as this is the last few days without extra responsibilities. Your baby is term and can be born at any time, using the last moments to grow and gain weight.

    *units in weeks

    3rd Trimester

    8.0kg - 13.6kg
    Amoré & Barry
    Ons is so dankbaar vir Sr. Nisanne en Sr. Anke wat regtig hul tyd en passie in ons belê het. Ons het baie gehuiwer of dit nodig sal wees om voorgeboorteklasse te doen, maar ons is baie dankbaar dat ons wel by hulle uitgekom het. Hulle het ons empower om swangerskap, kraam en al die dinge wat volg te verstaan en vir onsself besluite te kan neem in die proses. Ons sal ook weet hoe ons vir onsself en ons baba kan opstaan wanneer ons moet. Baie dankie aan julle en ons sal defnitief hul klasse aanbeveel. Ons het net weer besef “knowledge is power”.
    Lida Roos
    Even before the official launch of This is Us, sister Nisanne has been a loving carer of her patients. With my first baby boy, we had the unfortunate circumstances of being hospitalized when he was 6 weeks old. Sister Nisanne has been an invaluable source of information, guidance and support with expression and keeping my morale strong for the breastfeeding journey. Since baby number 1 was born with an emergency CS, we were determined to have number 2 with a VBAC. Sister Nisanne was my caregiver since the beginning, with only key scans during my pregnancy. I have never felt more comfortable, appointments were professional and personal, and we were well on our way to my perfect birth story. Thanks to sister Nisanne we also had the perfect breastfeeding journey, breastfeeding baby number 2 until I fell pregnant again. Sister Nisanne is one of those rare caregivers that are so invested in your wellbeing, knowledgeable and loving. She was always available to me in moments of doubt, as well as moments of triumphs. Boxes of Love has been keeping my kids entertained since day 1. Having children aged 4, 2 and 6 months, I can truly testify to their effectiveness in teaching and joy. I have truly availed myself of all the services that sister Nisanne offers, and I would not recommend anyone else when you are looking for someone to hold your hand and walk beside you on your road through childbirth and beyond.
    Janine, Baby KayLiam and Bradley
    As a first time mommy, and being pregnant emotions were high and you are scared to think is there no other way to get the baby out. The stories you’re told about how painful it is and labour pains the pushing process works you up more than anything on earth. Embrace the pain, remember your baby is dependent on YOU to get him/her out. My partner sought all over for someone to calm me and make sure my first birth experience was phenomenal. Anke was introduced to me and she came to my house to check up on me and did that heart test thingy… we heard the baby’s heartbeat, etc. On the 20th August 2017 on my Birthday I gave birth to our son. I message Anke at 1 am that morning and told her I’m having pains and it’s different to what I have felt before. She came to my house that morning early. I had a shower to ease the pain and she and my partner set everything up. Yes, no pain medication waterbirth. At around 2 pm that day Anke had to, unfortunately, break my water self. No, it was not sore, I was only being a drama queen as usual. She is absolutely the best. I really don’t remember the pain only because she and my partner stood by my side all the way. My partner never left my side. My boy was little too big to have pushed him out, so Anke took me to the hospital got me booked in for C section and she did all that for me. Around 9 pm that night baby was taken out. I’m am so so very thankful for Anke for making my 1st-time experience so so peaceful and the baby was 100% great. Nothing wrong with the baby. Anke is an absolute angel. Till today 3 years later still in contact and now a beloved friend. We appreciate you.
    Suzane Myburgh
    I had the privilege to have Sr Nisanne by my side with both my babies. My daughter was born on 28 weeks and you can just imagine how hard is was to keep head above water.  Sr Nisanne was there to help me provide my little girl with the best nutrition, breastmilk!! I had to express for two months while she was in NICU, Sr Nisanne has such an amazing love for babies, caring for them everyday. Seeing how her heart goes with each of them from birth until they go home is a blessing for any mother. I wanted to give up on breastfeeding so many times but she kept on helping and convincing me to keep a clear mind as to what is best for mother and baby. She is kind, loving and determined to assist no matter the age of the baby. She is a true angel walking the earth
    Charlotte Koen
    The moment I found out I was expecting I knew a home waterbirth with a midwife was what I always wanted. Not being one for hospitals and surrounded by people I don’t know was never going to work for us. They say never google and YouTube. Well I did and fell in love with the home videos of mommies giving natural birth and brave husbands by their side. I am a bit of a control freak so I wanted to know what’s gonna happen how, when and what to do. Let me tell you nothing can prepare you. The contractions started and with my first born from all the adrenaline pumping I threw up….. @11:30pm by 12:00 pm I was up, walking and bouncing on the ball. Completely content on doing this alone. Hubby was making conversation with my midwifes, I danced and showered, like almost 100 times. @6:00 am my midwifes did a check and I was a full 9cm but no water breaking she decided to do it herself. All of a sudden everything happened too fast. The moment I climbed into the birth pool and relaxed in the water the pressure being relieved felt amazing….My contractions became closer apart and 3 big pushes later my beautiful baby boy was born. I have to say I had an awesome team assisting me and my husband was an amazing partner through it all. I was such an awesome experience I did it all again with my 2nd delivery. I will recommend this to the strongest of women I feel so proud being able to could have given birth natural both times with no medication, no assistance just letting my body do what it was created to do. Two healthy beautiful boys later and I will do it again.


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