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Sr.Anke Greyling-Halvorsen

Founder & Owner of This is Us Mother and Baby Wellness Practice, Advanced midwife
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Sr. Nisanne Janse van Rensburg

Founder & Owner of This is Us Mother and Baby wellness Practice, Advanced midwife and Lactation consultant
Midwife Nisanne
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Pregnancy is a blessing, a privilege to build a little human which you will call yours!! In pregnancy, we already have an influence on our baby by our mood and what we put into our bodies thus we need to try and create the most favourable, loving environment we can for our babies to grow. We need to equip ourselves with the knowledge to make informed decisions in our pregnancy and birth journey.

Birth is a natural process intended to be undisturbed. Our bodies were built to have a baby. Just as your body knew how to grow a perfect baby and sustain him or her, your body will know how to birth and feed your baby. Each bone, muscle and ligament are specially designed to move and stretch to bring your baby safely into this unknown world.

After birth, our body goes through another transformation to go back to a pre-pregnancy state while providing for every need of your baby. Skin- to -skin to keep your baby warm, while providing security, love and all the nutrients they need through breastfeeding.

You are made unique, remarkable and perfect to grow and provide for your baby!